Thursday, January 08, 2015

And Now for Something a Little Different

I am attracted to stills that make me smile, whether it's simply the people in the photo or the setting they are in.  One of the best things about movies of the 1930s-1940s were those wonderful supporting actors who could be dropped into a movie without wasting film time setting up their character.  Frank Jenks had the sarcastic reporter, cabbie or cop character down pat while Mischa Auer had the corner on the "Mad Russian" roles.  Seeing them together on the screen, well it's a guarantee smile producer. 

   A Prescription for Romance (1937) with Frank Jenks & Mischa Auer

Then there is the publicity still trying very hard to give the viewer an idea of the storyline.  I am sure there is no intentional humor in the movie, but three men fighting over a model plane ... too precious.

                   Enemy Agent (1940) with Richard Cromwell,
                   Philip Dorn and Robert Armstrong

And, lastly, there's the portrait that an overly creative photographer leaves us all wondering just what is going on.  I have given up trying to figure out this Nelson Eddy shot.  At least Nelson seems to be enjoying himself! 

                                            Nelson Eddy                                    

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