Thursday, January 29, 2015

Betty, Why Did You Let Him?

These photos are of the dining and living rooms of the Colonial cottage where Bob and Betty lived prior to the estate they built on Mono Vale Dr. in Beverly Hills. The home does not exactly scream movie star, does it.  Of course, it is 1932, at the height of the Great Depression when people were often losing their homes rather than buying a new one. 

Wall murals and a silver goblet collection ... the decorator's touch, perhaps?  I have a difficult time imagining a young theater couple amassing silver goblets.  You will note the dining room is across from the living room, the living room's bannister can be seen through the entrance way. 

The article that contained the above photos, also provides a very interesting description of the home's bedrooms.

Bob has his own bedroom with twin beds??  TWO beds?  What's up there...who would have used the second bed?  

By the way, does anyone know the street name for this home?  I know the street no. is 1718, but have not run across the street's name.  Just one of the many things I do not know about Bob.  Would be nice to cross off at least one item! 


Debbie said...

Hmmmm.....separate bedrooms, twin beds....... Maybe it wasn't Bob's idea, and maybe this is why there eventually was a Buffy. Who knows, as you have said many times before, stars don't live like the rest of us. (If I had been married to Bob there wouldn't have been either! Just sayin)

Just a note on the décor. The Montgomery's seemed to have a thing for colonial décor (I love it too) and judging from the darkness of the goblets you mentioned, my guess is they were pewter and not silver.

Carrie said...

Shoot, I can't find it now. I had a blurb from a newspaper or magazine that talked about the divorce briefly from her side. Kinda sounded like he was a bit of a ____ by the time they separated. She was relegated to being cocktail girl.

Kathy said...

Debbie - you are right, they are pewter goblets. Says it in the article, am I bad.

Once upon a time, separate bedrooms was the norm in the upper class. (Who else could afford it?!) Remembering young Bob's life goal was to become a wealthy country gentleman, I think it fits in with his view of marriage.

Carrie - I too remember a brief writeup of the divorce from the view of Betty's family, who were, understandably, very, very upset with Bob. I think Bob was a very scared man in the late 40s, trying to find a new career. Directing in Hollywood was not working out, attempts to produce/direct on Broadway were failures ... a very stressful time. And to add to this, Betty did not want to leave LA although Bob knew he had no future in Hollywood and New York was really his only chance at finding another successful career. And then he finds a sympathetic ear in Buffy ... Enuf guesswork! A marriage between two actors, how can anyone know what was going on between them!