Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bob's Favorite Tie, I'm Assuming

Bob was, of course, one of the best-dressed men of his day.  No buying off the racks at Macys for our Bob.  No, siree.  His choice in hats is sometimes questionable - he had this thing for straw bowlers - but everything else in his wardrobe was just, just so.  He even carries off wearing a tie adorned with movie reels, a tie which seems to be a favorite. 

The first sighting of the tie comes on September 7, 1937, when Bob wears it in the Los Angeles Labor Day parade.

It then appears in The First Hundred Years (1938).

Home and Garden Magazine does a feature on Bob and his new home for their November, 1938 issue.  Once again, the tie ...

The tie even travels to England, as seen in this photo of Bob and Betty departing from New York on June 26, 1939. 

A colorized still from The First Hundred Years shows the tie being green with yellow reels.  Could be.  Wonder if it was a gift. 


Debbie said...

I just watched FAST AND LOOSE and there's that tie again.

Kathy said...

Great catch! Another excuse for me to watch the Sloanes again, it has been a while.