Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bob Movies in Living Color

Colorizing lobby cards is an interesting concept.  Like, maybe the movie goer wouldn't later notice that the film they're watching is actually in black & white?  Whatever, the colorization was sometimes successful, and sometimes not.  In the scene below, at least the background has color.

                                  Live, Love and Learn (1937)

Now, why do I think David and Lynn Conway did not decorate their home in beige and brown?  Dig the floral armless couch and matching curtains ... 

                                The First 100 Years (1938)

In no way does color improve this scene with Tommy Duncan and his manservant Elmer.  (Elmer??)  Well, the image of Bob under a purple comforter has its pluses.  (Down, woman!)  Do note how the coffee table is decorated:  a cigarette lighter, a cigarette box and not one, but TWO ashtrays.  Ah, times do change.  

                                Unfinished Business (1941)

Bob's entire career was in B&W, even on TV.  I certainly don't mind B&W movies, but it would have been interesting for him to have made at least one color movie so we could check out his blue eyes.  Hideout in color, maybe?  Or Piccadilly Jim?  Never Night Must Fall!

Another abrupt change of thought:  a slightly belated Happy Birthday to humorist Robert Benchley!  Below, he appears to be having a liquid breakfast.  This probably did not require much acting.  But a very funny man, none the less.

                        Robert Benchley (b. September 15, 1889)


Raquel Stecher said...

For some reason I thought that Robert Montgomery had at least one film in color. That's too bad! I agree that it would have been brilliant to see the blue of eyes on screen.

Carrie said...

I've gotta plug the one time that Bob did appear in a color film - but a short: Starlit Days at the Lido. And hey, if you knew already, it's fun to watch it again (and again...)


Kathy said...

Looks like Warner Bros is doing a good job of deleting copies of Starlit Days at the Lido from various sites. You can get a good idea of the film by checking this entry on our blog:


If you're a member of classicflixs.com, they have both Roberta and a DVD titled "Dream Factory Shorts, Disc 3" ... both of which include "Starlit." Roberta is really pricey on Amazon, but I think you can rent it for $3. Whatever, it s a great short, truly gorgeous color with a full array of MGM stars ... including Bob, of course.

Debbie said...

TCM actually showed this short and I had my DVR ready! Mr. Blue Eyes in color (be still my heart!)

On another note, you just have to love Mr. Benchley, soooo funny! No wonder Dorothy Parker was so crazy about him. (just friends folks)

Kathy said...

I think they were just too drunk to consummate the affair ... two very funny and sad people.

And, you have a copy of Starlit??? If you've been wondering what to get me for Christmas ...

Debbie said...

You got it kiddo!!! (and you won't have to wait for Christmas!!)