Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mystery Solved

I ran across this photo a few years ago.  It's a 10x13 print, so I have been able to scan "most" of it.  The very young Mr. Montgomery is just so very cute, the big smile and all.  I try my best to find out as much as I can about a particular photo ... the year taken, the name of the photographer, why it was taken...and I rarely find out everything.  With this photo I started with zero information from the seller.  There is nothing on the back, no date or photographer stamp, darn it.  Bob is quite young, so it is early 30s for sure.  It's a rather odd setting for a portrait, and the setting does not match up with any scenes from his early movies.  So, I was stumped.  Until ...

I recently purchased a collection of Bob clippings that included this entry from Modern Screen Magazine.  Ta-da!!  Bob was featured in a series on Hollywood stars** and their favorite deserts, providing recipes so the homemaker can make the very foods of the stars to please her husband!  According to the article, Bob's favorite desert is pie, particularly peach and green apple.  And his second favorite desert is ice cream, particularly ice cream sandwiches.  (The article likes the word particularly.)  And per Bob, his favorite sandwich is "ice cream between two slices of toasted sponge cake with a chocolate or butterscotch sauce poured over the whole thing and perhaps some nuts sprinkled over it." Now, that does sound good. 

** Found another article from the series featuring Lee Tracy.  He liked blackberry shortcake and strawberry tarts.  (Both with a shot of whiskey, I'll guess.)


Carrie said...

"Desserts that will please my men folk". Heh,that would be any dessert! ;)

Kathy said...

Consider making that ice cream sandwich in the early 30s, everything being made from scratch. You'd have to bake the cake, create the sauce, and spend a few hours churning the ice cream. Lordy, he'd better like it!