Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bob and Bette, My Favorite Couple

I wish Bob and Bette Davis had made more movies together.  The two on the same set ... one could look forward to the moment Bette just can't take it anymore and goes after Bob with claws and teeth flaying.  It's that tension between them that adds another level of enjoyment watching June Bride.  How about this for a caption for the photo below:  Bette to the director, "If this S.O.B. steals one more scene from me, I'm out of here."  Bob's response, "Who, Me??"

 This photo stands alone, no words are necessary.

In closing, as Bette is quoted as saying about her co-star, Montgomery is "overbearing, pompous and ridiculously right wing."  I haven't run across a quote from Bob on Bette.  One is just left to imagine his thoughts, 'tis more fun that way. 


Debbie said...

I love this one too. I you ever get a minute, look up "Breakdowns of 1949" on You Tube. (Those are the Warner Bros. bloopers) One of the segments is from June Bride. I often wonder just what Bob did to Bette while the lights were out. There was giggling and when she turned the light back on she threw a pillow at him and called him a bastard, while laughing of course, but a bastard just the same. lol

Kathy said...

A true classic piece of film ... proves the theory that you don't really have to show everything on the screen for the viewer to understand what's going on. Particularly like Bob's snort at the very end of the clip.