Thursday, July 10, 2014


           Bob and Evelyn Keyes in Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)

Makes you wonder who Bob was admiring in the distance ... but they still make a handsome couple.  


Debbie said...

Oh Man, they did not like each other. According to her biography, he made a comment to her about her dating married men and she told him it was none of his business. They did not speak to each other after that. I guess the still shoots were VERY awkward.

3rdplanet said...

Didn't he cheat on his wife? Double standards... :)

Kathy said...

Oh, EVERYBODY in the business slept around! (I'll exclude Roz Russell and, maybe Irene Dunne, two devout catholics.) What was upsetting about Keyes was she was having a very public and lengthy affair with a married man, when the "rule" was to keep it private and avoid causing embarrassment to the innocent spouse. Bob's affair with Buffy only became public when he asked Betty for a divorce, so not quite the cad. Show business people have always been different from other folks, thank goodness, or they would not be nearly as interesting.