Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yes, Those Eyes Were Blue!

 Bob and Dennis Weaver join Cagney in his dressing room for this publicity shot for The Gallant Hours.  Gray jacket, white slacks, maroon handkerchief and no tie ... Mr. Montgomery's version of going casual.  Can you imagine the look on Bob's face if someone suggested his wearing only a t-shirt and sweat pants in public, or in private, even?

I'm glad Bob decided to be an extra in his last movie.  Captain Montgomery shaking hands with Cagney in his last big screen appearance, in a film he has directed and produced ... yeah, a nifty way to wrap up his career in the movies.  Actually, this view of Bob was cut from the movie.  In the movie the camera is behind Bob, you only see the back of his head and shoulders.  But you do see the big smile on Cagney's face when they shake hands.  I guess Director Bob won out over Actor Bob.

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