Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little More Color in our B&W Lives

I can appreciate why Bob filmed The Gallant Hours in black and white, although I would love to have seen it in color.  I have always been impressed by the opening scene, the camera panning down from the highest point of the superstructure to the deck, all levels filled with sailors in their navy blues and at attention.  The still below was obviously taken after the scene was completed, the sailors in the background are definitely at ease.  They're probably getting ready for Cagney's close-up.

When I purchased the negative for the Cagney portrait I used February 6th, I sent a message to the vendor to see if they had any more negatives from The Gallant Hours, especially with Bob in them.  She responded she had some, but not knowing Robert Montgomery, offered to scan copies for me to review...if I was interested.  (Who, me, interested in finding a photo of Bob in color?!!)  Anyway, to make this story short, I did find a couple.  You have to look closely at the photo below ... Bob is at the far right, all dressed up in a captain's uniform (his own, I'm sure), doing an uncredited bit in a scene at the end of the movie.  That's Dennis Weaver shaking hands with Cagney.  

 I have a couple more ... they will be featured in the Thursday entry.  And, yes, there is a better picture of Bob.  Promise. 


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