Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nice to be Right, Once in a While!

This photo of Bob was listed on eBay for some time by one of the larger vendors who used a caption that just did not fit the photo.  It was a write-up of Bob's comments when he returned from the Pacific in 1943.  But, in no way was this a 39-year-old Bob.  I wrote a note to the vendor asking them to confirm the caption since it did not seem to fit the photo.  Did not get an answer...big surprise.  At $33.88, I wasn't in the position to buy it just for the correct caption, but when it was lowered to $8.88...well, why not.  There is a short newspaper story attached, part of it is given below.  The photo was taken October 17, 1956, so it's a 52-year-old Bob.  Yeah, that makes more sense.

"The electronic age has transformed the motion picture actor, Robert Montgomery, into a television producer-director and presidential adviser.  In Seattle today with President Eisenhower's touring caravan, Montgomery visits the Civic Auditorium this afternoon to direct arrangements of the President's address and telecast tonight.  An urbane and soft-spoken man, Montgomery made several suggestions to the local Republicans who were "dressing" the auditorium for tonight's program.  On the right is George Kinnear, Republican state chairman." 

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