Thursday, August 01, 2013

Need Your Help

I'm a collector of all things Bob --- big surprise, I'm sure.  Since there's usually not much information provided about photos I have obtained, I spend a lot of time trying to find out everything I can about them.  It's usually fun for me, especially when I have an "Eureka" moment.  For example, a new photo may provide an answer to questions I have re another photo ... who the photographer was, when it was taken, where, etc.  I would prefer finding out more about Bob as a person; but, well, that's a rather overwhelming task at this point in time.  I'm left with trying to find out the public minutiae of his life.  Sigh. 

Anyway, I purchased the photo below not too long ago.  No information provided, of course.  I know it was taken, along with numerous others, in May, 1959, as a promotional shot for The Gallant Hours.  They did one day of shooting candids, several of both the Montgomery and Cagney families visiting the set.  Bob is wearing the sport coat and white slacks outfit he wore that day.  I'm sure he thought he was being very casual.

 So, I know when it was taken, where and why, but ... who is the other gent?  I've gone through the principal crew members of the movie, but could not find a match, or at least not an obvious one.  Do you know who he is? 


Debbie said...

I swear, it almost looks like Dore Schary, but what would he have had to do with this film? But he was gone from MGM by 59 and it does look like him.

Kathy said...

Agreed, it does look like it could be Schary, but... Gallant Hours was filmed at the MGM studios and I can't quite see Schary being caught on the lot at that time. And, although I'm sure Bob would know Schary, I don't see Republican Bob hanging out with liberal Dem. Schary. Could be completely wrong on both counts, of course. Do you know of any Montgomery/Schary connection? The guy does look very familiar. I'm thinking a writer since they are looking at the script. If he were just looking straight at the camera!