Thursday, August 08, 2013

Did We All Forget John Hodiak?

Last week, I was flipping through the DVR listings for TCM, picking out stuff to watch.  I came across Maisie Goes to Reno (1944), said what the heck, and hit the record button. I finally sat down last night to watch a movie all the way through and picked out Maisie.

Lessee, last time I watched a Maisie movie, she was in love with Robert Young's character.  Last night, she fell in love with Flip - John Hodiak. How Masie goes from guy to guy in each movie is another blog topic, but Hodiak kinda caught my eye. I thought he was strictly 1950s. Then I Googled him (yes, it did tickle).

Looking at his filmography, I realized I had probably seen him in five different movies over the past two months. Add to that, his shortened career due to a heart attack, has really made it difficult to find any information on him. At least one blog out there has a good writeup.

But really what got me was sitting at my desk to write this post. I realized I have a photo of him here staring right at me.

So everyone reading here has some homework. Go watch a John Hodiak movie or two and remember him. Better yet, drop a line here and let us know the flick - I'm curious now.


Carrie said...

Almost forgot, here's my list:

- Maisie Goes to Reno
- On the Threshold of Space
- Command Decision
- The Bribe
- And in the midst of Somewhere in the Night (thanks to YouTube!)

Debbie said...

It's "The Harvey Girls" for me.

Kristina said...

I have seen a lot of his movies, enjoyed how he could be sweet but also distant, as plots required. At the top for me are Battleground, Bell for Adano, Sunday Dinner for a Soldier, where he was just fantastic with soon to be wife Anne Baxter, very sweet movie. Somewhere in the Night has a good commentary track discussing him, Arnelo Affair, Harvey Girls. Haven't seen any of his westerns though.

Kathy said...

Lifeboat...the young Mr. Hodiak's performance stands up well amidst a cast of excellent actors.

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone for posting. This gives me a bunch for the watch list!

Louise said...

I love John Hodiak - and I even own a book which used to belong to him! My favourite performance is in The Harvey Girls but how about Marriage is a Private Affair, A Bell for Adano, The Miniver Story ...?

Carrie said...

Louise, great to hear from another fan!!

Thanks for the reccomendations. I'm looking for copies of Adano & Marriage. Still making my way through what's on DVD. Miniver...way too sad of a flick for my taste. Really liked A Lady Without a Passport.

Del said...

Oh, John Hodiak is one of my all time favourites! He was so great - he makes my heart flip flop more than just about anyone else on screen.

I think I first noticed him in Lifeboat (my fav Hitchcock movie, too). And I love him The Harvey Girls. I recently saw him in Command Decision (great movie!). Battleground is also a great one! I recently saw The Lady With a Passport, that was good. Oh! And Sunday Dinner For a Solider is a really cute one. I guess I'll stop here before I ramble on about him too much. Ha! It's great to see others who appreciate him, too! He was/is so underrated.


Del said...

Carrie - where did you find Somewhere in the Night on Youtube? I haven't been able to find that one anywhere. Perhaps it's been taken down now. :(

Carrie said...

Hi Del - Yeah, it looks like YouTube removed it, darn it!

Carrie said...

Wow, Del - it looks like they cleaned house. I was going to suggest Desert Fury if you haven't seen, and that one is gone now as well. Glad to find another fan! Hope you had a chance to watch some of his films back in August on TCM - they had a day dedicated to him.