Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Set With Bob's Candid Camera

To quote the photo description used by the studio:  ON THE SET WITH ROBERT MONTGOMERY'S CANDID CAMERA. Robert Montgomery always has his candid camera on the set with him, and photographs everything in sight between scenes. When he wants to be in the picture himself, either the cameraman or some friend snaps the camera after he sets and focuses it.  The photo, taken on the set of Night Must Fall, was personally developed by Montgomery.  Here he serves Rosalind Russell at lunch, in the open air cafeteria established on location at Sherwood Forest. Richard Thorpe, the director, also a candid camera enthusiast, used Bob's camera.

A similar write-up was used for the photo below.  Which leads to the obvious question:  what on earth happened to all those other photos he took on the set over the years?  How sad to lose all those records of movie history.



Debbie said...


Thanks so much for the candid's from Night Must Fall! I love the one with Bob and Roz. There was a playful quality between them that you didn't see with many of his other leading ladies except maybe for Myrna Loy and Carole Lombard. I wish he could have made more films with those women.

Kathy said...


I'm in full agreement with you (this time). Bob and Myrna were close friends (at least until politics got in the way) and it shows through in their performances in Petticoat Fever. And Carole and Bob were great together in the Smiths, two old(er) pros enjoying themselves.