Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It Just Isn't His Smile

Note the original Bob portrait above and the colorized version below.  Of course the original photo is already retouched ... no one has such glacially smooth facial skin.  If nothing else, they've removed any trace of facial hair.  In his off camera photos, his upper lip especially looks always in need of a shave.  He probably grew that mustache for Trouble for Two in a matter of days.  In the colorized photo there is more retouching ... the forehead wrinkles are lessened, the cheeks are changed, and now he even has a smile.  Hmm ... as in going one step too far. 


Debbie said...

There is a un-retouched picture of Bob in the book "Dangerous Men" by Mick LaSalle. Except for the already discussed shadow on his upper lip, I swear his skin looks absolutely poreless! Oh, the forehead lines are there (it ran in the family, Elizabeth Montgomery had them too), but his cheeks look as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Kathy said...


Have to disagree with you a tad ... you've inspired me to do another entry on touch up work on Bob. I doubt there was anyone that did not require touching up. Have you seen the photo of Joan without makeup? Her face was covered with freckles.