Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good News of 1939

Happiness is Bob Young and Bob Montgomery on the same stage. That's what you get with this episode of Good News of 1939, presented March 16 of said year and hosted by Bob Young with Frank Morgan in between segments.

14 MB - 1 Hour MP3

In this particular episode, Baby Snooks visits the World's Fair, Bob Young talks about his new ranch in the San Fernando Valley, and Bob Montgomery plays a part in Fate is Not Always a Lady. Not one of my favorites, but it does have its moments.

Many thanks to Bantaskin for digging up this recording.


Anonymous said...

This recording is made of awesome - two Bobs? YES.

Carrie said...

Too bad Bob Taylor couldn't show up!

Anonymous said...

The room would probably have imploded if Bob had arrived - I mean, could it really handle three awesome Bobs? :P

Carrie said...

The fangirls would have made the set sound like a Beatles concert