Saturday, January 12, 2008

Captain Hollywood

America In WWII magazine has a feature story in their February issue on Capt. Clark Gable. If you're familiar with Clark's military service, this probably won't be any new information to you. I'm just happy 66 years later that someone remembers and writes about this sort of stuff.

Some miscellaneous tidbits from the article you might find interesting:
  • Sworn into the Army Air Corps on August 12, 1942 at the age of 41.
  • Gable's "goal" was to make a movie about aerial gunners as a recruiting tool.
  • They made him shave off his mustache during training.
  • He graduated 700th out of 2,600 in his officer candidate school class. As a new lieutenant, he gave the class graduation speech.
  • At aerial gunnery school his mustache came back.
  • Gable headed to England in April 1943.
  • Hitler personally offered a reward to any pilot who shot down Clark Gable.
I'll leave it at that. Hitler never paid out that award and Clark never made that "big" aerial gunner movie, just short films that are probably lost today.


Anonymous said...

Looking mighty dashing on that cover :D

Carrie said...

Ready to kick Hitler's a**...