Tuesday, April 02, 2024

And How Did Actors Kill Time Between Scenes?

 Well, there was the obvious way actors (and actresses) entertained themselves during down time, but we'll take a pass on that for this mostly family-friendly blog.  

The first photo shows Bob and Virginia on the set of The First 100 Years having coffee and cookies.  Handling coffee with food on the saucer was a bit of a skill back then.  Now the saucers have virtually disappeared, replaced by coffee mugs.  Another lost art ...

      Bob Montgomery & Virginia Bruce in The First 100 Years (1937)

Looks like Warren is trying to have a chat with Binnie who is taking the industrious approach to filling in time by crocheting something or another.  Personally, I'd chose just listening to Warren who was an inventor/tinkerer and a basically interesting gent.  Assuming Bob would be busy ...

      Warren William & Binnie Barnes in The First 100 Years (1937)

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