Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Bob had to deal with a lot of Leo's - Seven Leading Ladies

Yes, another publicity shot of Bob and Dorothy Jordan for Love in the Rough (1930).  The PR department certainly used up its budget for the movie.  Glad they did.  The photos are more worth seeing than the movie.  Well, except for the opportunity to hear Bob croon and also see him without his pants.  Meanwhile......Dorothy was born August 9, 1906, in Clarksville, Tennessee.  She auditioned for Melanie in Gone With the Wind.  Yes, I can see that.   

            Bob and Dorothy Jordan in Love in the Rough (1930)

And Norma Shearer was born August 10, 1902.  Selznick considered Norma for the role of Scarlett in GWTW.  Sorry, Norma, that was Vivien Leigh's role, totally.  But, you got to make 5 movies with Robert Montgomery.  Tough, wasn't it.  

                    Bob and Norma Shearer in Riptide (1934) 

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