Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tuesday Challenge Day - Whose Autographs Are These?

 Autographs of famous people are nifty.  I like the concept of having a piece of paper in hand that the famous person held as well.  Hey, it's as close to meeting these people that I could ever have been.  Growing up in rural Missouri had its drawbacks!  

I like Bob's autograph ... of course I would!  Very stylized and legible, more often than not.  A lot of autographs are a tad difficult to decipher.  I like this one, but I'd never be able to figure it out without someone having printed the name on the back of the page.  

Actually, every letter of this man's name is mostly legible, but that first letter makes it all rather confusing.  Interesting.  

If any of you can figure out this name ... well, you deserve a round of applause!  

At last, thank you, Helen.  No problem figuring out who signed this.  

I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on anyone.  At least it's not a Monday Challenge.  That could be rough.  Answers to appear in Thursday's post.  


Allison said...

I am 0 for 3 on all those.

The first one I have no use.

Second one, starts with a P?

The last one, is the first name Louis?

Kathy said...

My apologies to all for a way too tough challenge! I should've added clues. So, better late than never ... Autograph 1 - Believe it or not, the gent's initials are L and A. He was a rarity in WWII, claiming conscientious objector status. Autograph 2 - That first initial is a J for Jack. Jack was a comedic actor, very popular in the early 1930s, famous for his triple take. Autograph 3 - Another J, this time for John who was a very popular British actor known for his Shakespearian roles in Britain, more famous as a butler in the States.

Allison said...

LOL wow not even close on my end...even with the clues!

Interesting, the only conscientious objector I was aware of was James Mason.

Not Jack Benny and he is the only one I can think if.

Is the last one John Gielgud?

Kathy said...

Ok....Autograph 1, Lew Ayres. Autograph 2, Jack Oakie. Autograph 3, Sir John Gielgud. Promise no autograph contests for the indefinite future!

Kathy said...

Allison, Congrats on getting Gielgud right!! That was a toughie! And I didn't know that Mason was a c.o., having obtained an exemption from serving in the military. Ayers served as a medic in the South Pacific ... tough duty. Anyway, it looks like you're the winner of the Tuesday Challenge!

Allison said...

It was a fun challenge but those were hard to read haha!

wow I did not Ayers served like that. He must have seen a lot during the war.