Thursday, February 03, 2022

Nothing Fake About That Smile!

 Bob and the two kids ... something you don't see that often.  That's one big smile on Bob's face, a happy Dad.  Proud of his kids, or amused by whatever it is that Jr.'s up to behind his back ... or both.

                                     Elizabeth, Bob and Skip

I have no information re the photo.  No date taken or where they are or why.  Anybody want to give it a try?  C'mon, you can do it.  


Allison said...

A studio maybe? I think that is siding in the background.

Kathy said...

Yeah, nothing much to go on. I sort of cheated ... I had guessed late 40's and probably travel related (everybody is dressed up for the cameras). Tonight I remembered the kids had gone to London with Mom in 1949 to meet up with Bob, and I had seen a similar photo from when Bob met the family in Southampton on July 5, 1949. (I kept a scan of that photo, but I can't use it on the blog. Lost the auction! Another nice photo with Mom in it as well.)