Thursday, October 14, 2021

This and That Small Bob Items

 Bob did a once a week radio show in 1950-1951 on ABC, while also doing his TV show on CBS.  He also divorced Betty and Married Buffy during this time.  Busy, busy man.  Lee Hats sponsored the radio show.  Yes, hats were a bigger clothing item then they are now.  Personally, I miss good hats on men, I mean, baseball hats just don't go with suits.

There is a whole series of these matchbooks with movie stars on them.  Have you noticed that Bob is always carrying matchbooks, never a lighter?  I guess lighters were, like wallets, too bulky for his pants pockets.   

And Bob gets his own Star Stamp ... not totally sure of the purpose of these stamps.  Perhaps you collected them in order to fill in your stamp book?  Does anyone know about these stamps? 

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