Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Easiest Way ... Never Found it, Drats!

 The Easiest Way (1931) starred Adolphe Menjou (the Bad Guy), Constance Bennett (the Fallen Woman), and Robert Montgomery (as the sort of Good Guy).  This is definitely a pre-code movie.  A Nice herald, too. 

Constance's birthday is this Friday, Oct. 22nd.  Lived to be only 60, much too young.  Married five times, a very good businessman, and a skilled poker player.  In 1931 she was the highest-paid performer in films. Interesting lady. 

In 1931 Clark Gable is a supporting player in Bob's movie.  By 1934 Clark co-stars with Bob in Forsaking all Others and even wins the girl!  Impressive. 


Allison said...

I know the depression was on...but luxury over 1931 Bob?

Kathy said...

Absolutely nothing over a 1931 Bob ... except for a 1932 Bob!