Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Wearing Furs & Mukluks on a Movie Set - As Hot as Bakersfield on Labor Day!

 Ahhhh ... Dascom Dinsmore (great name!!) and Irene (Myrna) fall in love among the snow drifts and polar bears.  Great movie, great fun. 

Nice photo of the two lovers ... Bob's' at the center to include the sled as part of the setting.  Thought I'd edit it to focus on just the two.

 Yeah, that's better.

 A second trimming ... even better. 

 Third time is a charm ... perfect.  Fewer distractions.  Just two people discovering love.  Irene, you lucky lady.


Allison said...

you could talk me into a sled ride with Bob ��

Kathy said...

Take your place in line, Allison ...

Allison said...

Lol it could be a long line! that would have been a fun promotion contest...win a sled ride with Bob and Myrna