Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Ah, To Tweak the Montgomery Chin at Ciro's

 Yes, that's Mrs. Murphy with a good grip on Mr. Montgomery's arm.  Mrs. Montgomery is between Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Cagney.  Late 1930's version of wife swapping. 



 The above two photos show that Bob, although a heavy smoker, was seldom caught by the photographer with a cigarette in hand or mouth.  Nor was he photographed wearing his glasses.  Both he and Irene, below, have eyeglasses in hand. 


Allison said...

That is a cute picture of Bob and Roz.

Funny I knew of Lucky Strikes from the Jack Benny Radio Show and had no idea until a couple months ago that Bob did endorsements for them.

Kathy said...

The oldest ad I have of Bob endorsing Lucky Strikes is from 1931. And, of course, the early years of RM Presents had Lucky Strikes as the main sponsor.

And, yes, the picture is a good one. Love it when he laughs, he's just so, so....cute.