Thursday, March 25, 2021

Greatest Thrills Ever Staged!!

 This herald caught my eye awhile back.   Fell in love with the drawings, they do such a great job of capturing the action and scale of the movie.  The Covered Wagon (1923) cost $782,000, a bargain even in 1923.  Do check out the hyperbole included with the drawings.  A lot of fun.  Wikipedia has an interesting write-up, worth your time checking it out. 

 And, there is a Robert Montgomery connection, by the way.  Character actor Ernest Torrence has a featured role.  Mr. Torrence is the very big guy (6'4" at least) who plays Joan Crawford's guardian in Untamed (1929), as well as the Chief Boatswain Mate in Shipmates (1931) who gives Jonesey (Bob) such a hard time. 

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