Thursday, March 04, 2021

Almost to the day 53 years ago

 "Houseguests Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery chat with host George P. MacGregor at a dinner Friday (March 1, 1968) given in honor of MacGregor's daughter and son-in-law, Mrs. and Mrs. Theodore Anderson and Sarah Bleakly and Robert Montgomery Jr. who were married Saturday." 

Buffy looking in good shape for 62 (or so).  She carries off that sleveless dress quite well.  I want the pearls!  Below, I'm assuming the young couple on the left are the Andersons, and Bob Jr. (Skip) is with his new wife Sarah on the right.  Skip is 32 and this would be his 2nd marriage.    I like everyone having a drink in hand, a must in the 60s!  Along with a cigarette ... note, there are three missing left hands in the photo.  Skip and Sarah look like nice people.  Too bad the marriage didn't work out .

 P.S.  They are in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

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