Tuesday, December 04, 2018

What Does Bob Have in Common with Alan Ladd, Robert Redford & Leonardo Dicaprio?

Gosh, but I was excited when I first ran across this listing for Amazon Prime.  Season 6 of Bob's show, a season he acted in two of the episodes, and they actually have it for viewing.  I mean, I had thought only a handful of his shows were even in existence.

 On Feb. 7, 1955, Bob portrayed alcoholic Bob Birnam in "The Lost Weekend", the role Ray Milland did so well in the 1945 movie version.  A chance to see 50-year-old Bob meet the challenge of a live television performance ... just fantastic! 

           Bob and Leora Dana in RM Presents:  The Lost Weekend

He also had the feature role in "The Great Gatsby" which was shown Feb. 7, 1955.  Now that I'd really, really love to see.  I mean, just how would his performance compare with the movies Jay Gatsbys:  Alan Ladd, Robert Redford, and Leonardo Dicaprio.  I'd put my money on Bob.

But, then I scrolled down my computer screen and saw that "Season 6" at Amazon means two measly episodes.  And, of course, neither of them have Bob in them.  Oh, Shuckie Darns!


Debbie said...

Well crap! You had be all excited for a minute! It figures.

Kathy said...

And that's exactly how I felt about it! I got all busy checking the RM Presents listings to make sure the Bob performances I listed were from season 6...told hubby about it (he looked sadly at his deranged wife). Went back to the site to get info for the blog and then, finally, saw the 2 pathetic shows listed. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! I will go back to watch them, after I've calmed down a tad.