Thursday, December 20, 2018

A Christmas Carol (or Scrooge)

I'd like a nickel for every adaptation of this Dickens masterpiece that has been filmed at one time or other.

Let's see, there was 1935's Scrooge starring Sir Seymour Hicks,


1938's A Christmas Carol starring Reginald Owen,

1951's A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim (the favorite for most people),

1970's Scrooge starring Albert Finney (my personal favorite, I love a good musical!),

1954's A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott (this one had the best Tiny Tim, the kid actually was tiny and looked sick),

and 1999's A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart.

There have also been numerous versions starring everyone from Mickey Mouse to Mr. Magoo.

Then there are the ones played for comedy like The Muppet's Christmas Carol (with Michael Caine) and Scrooged starring Bill Murray.

No matter how it's portrayed, it's a marvelous story of redemption and hope.  Something we could use this day and age.  Try to watch at least one this Christmas, or if you are like me ........ watch them all!  (And you could read the book too.)


Debbie said...

George C. Scott's version of "A Christmas Carol " was actually from 1984, not 1954. Sorry for the typo.

Brittaney said...

And don't forget the more recent The Man Who Invented Christmas. I love the way it takes on this familiar story from a new angle.

Debbie said...

Brittaney. I did myself a favor and watched "The Man Who Invented Christmas " yesterday. It's an excellent film! Sure to eventually become a Christmas favorite! Thanks for the reminder that it's out there.