Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Just Precious, Aren't they!

I have seen these advertisements being called "pop-ups."  I attempted to verify that term on the web, but today's pop-ups are unwanted computer ads, not the same thing for sure.  They are different than those life-size stand ups you see in a theater lobby that are supported by an easel on the back.  These guys have what look like flippers on either side which when folded back provide the support for the remaining image. 

The Bob pop-up has been used before, you can tell by the creases where flipper meets the body.  Flipper ... I'm sure they are called something else, but that's what I thought of the first time I saw this --- "Hey, it's Bob with flippers!"  He would probably not have appreciated that.

Joan's flippers have not been used ... The pop-ups are a tad odd-looking, big heads compared to narrow bodies.  Oh, for the record, their heights are approximately 8 inches. 

Now, poor Bill is missing one of his flippers.  It's kind of sad, seeing as it is rather difficult to stand up on one flipper.  But, he still looks like the cool gent he was, nothing can take that away from Mr. Powell. 

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