Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bob's Lifestyle in the 1950s

It's the 1950s, Hollywood is behind him and Bob is successful once more, this time as a television producer in New York City.  And successful people were seen at the best restaurants in town, always available for the photographer who is documenting the goings on of celebrities for the society columns.  Whether it's with daughter Liz at the Stork Club ...

or Buffy, the new Mrs. Montgomery, Bob is wearing a big smile.  He's a happy, successful man spending evenings with the ladies he love.  (The photo of Buffy is highly unflattering of her, doesn't even look like her.  But Bob's smile says it really is her.) 

Bob was able to pay for the expensive NYC lifestyle by producing, narrating and sometimes starring in Robert Montgomery Presents (1950-1957).  Bob was making as much as $500,000 a year from his NBC contract.  Not bad, except for the 90% tax bracket this put him in.  90% ... wouldn't the present-day top 1% have fits faced with that tax bill!  (Wouldn't any of us ...)

Bob with Burgess Meredith on the set of Robert Montgomery Presents

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ashdotdave said...

The woman in the picture is not Buffy Montgomery, even on her worst day. You’ll just have to trust me.