Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Enjoying the Simple Life Montgomery Style

Ran across a Bob interview from 1936 which took place at his New York estate in Patterson, NY.  It is an interesting piece, with some great photos.  Love the country squire attire.  Wonder if he had been riding that day, or if he wore jodhpurs all the time at the estate.  Whatever, he looks great, of course. 

Note the house in 1936 versus how it looked about 70 years later.  The addition of the bell or observation tower is an interesting change.  I would imagine the view would have been just awesome, the land now being part of Wonder Lake State Park. 

Bob's Beverly Hills home was said to have been inspired by his place in New York.  I never quite saw that, but if you look closely at the entryway in the 1936 photo...you can see how it could have inspired the entryway on the Beverly Hills home.  Take away the screen door and double it in size...

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