Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Photo That Deserves a Better Format

                            Rosalind Russell by George Hurrell

This is a trimmed 9" x 12" original photo of Roz taken in 1942.  Not bad for a then 35-year-old broad in an era when most actresses' careers were over by the time they hit 30.  Hurrell made everyone appear more glamorous, but he needed a good framework from which to build.  It is frustrating that the blog's format limits horizontal pictures to such a small display.  My apologies to Roz and George!


Debbie said...

And for so long she was considered just another beautiful face (and beautiful she was.) Little did they know how unbelievably funny this wonderful woman was. Roz was just awesome!

Kathy said...

Certainly can't disagree with you - nor would I dare. Awesome is a good word to describe Roz as Rose in "Gypsy." As Auntie Mame. And all the scene stealing in "The Women" ... just awesome.