Thursday, November 06, 2014

Three Blonds and a Brunette

Alan Ladd, Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Montgomery ... and what do these four people have in common, you might ask.  Off hand, I'd have to say Bob seems to be the odd man out.  (I mean that in a positive sense!)  And not just because of his hair color. 

Well, they all appeared in versions of The Great Gatsby.  Bob played Gatsby in a May 9, 1955 airing of Robert Montgomery Presents.  Unfortunately, I know little about it.  I read an article some time back which was a comparison of the various Gatsby performances.  The author said that Bob's portrayal was the most convincing, if you could get past his being too old for the part.  Bob was going on 51 at the time, and, well, pretty much looked it.  Still ...

The show was to have been aired on April 11th, but delayed until May 9th because of Bob's illness.  Being live television, Robert Montgomery Presents was cancelled that night.  Weird to think of that happening today.  And by the way, does anyone know what illness struck down our Bob?  He must have been very, very ill. 

              Bob and Phyllis Kirk in Robert Montgomery Presents:
                              The Great Gatsby, May 9, 1955


Debbie said...

I'll take Bob at 51 over the others any day!

Unknown said...

Sorry for off-topic, but I thought everyone who like to know that "Strangers May Kiss" is being released by Warner Archive on November 18!!

It's part of another "Forbidden Hollywood" collection that will also feature "Blonde Crazy", "Hi Nellie" and "Dark Hazard"

Kathy said...

Deb ... Bob at any age, anytime.

Robert! Thanks for the release info. Another Bob on DVD, great. Bob and Mr. Cagney in the same collection. He would like that.

(Sorry for the late response. Carrie, the computer whiz of CM, was out-of-town enjoying herself.)