Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bob Looking Precious (As Always!)

I happened across this photo on eBay under the heading "Clark Gable and Wallace Beery in China Seas."  Something didn't look quite right.  Oh, hey, it's Bob in women's clothing!  Anyway, I purchased it and fervently hoped the vendor wouldn't send me a photo of Clark and Beery.  I'm trying to imagine the roles being reversed ... nah.  Bob, secure in his masculinity, handled the role with ease.  Clark ... I think he'd be quite uncomfortable in a dress. 

                                Forsaking All Others (1934)

November 20th was Evelyn Keyes' birthday.  Although they were not the most compatible duo off stage while filming Here Comes Mr. Jordan,  it doesn't show through in their performances.  I have always liked the scene at the end when the auditorium lights go dark and Joe says to Betty, "Don't be scared."  Did you know that Bob asked to have the female lead's name changed to Betty as a tribute to his wife?  (Or so they say!) 

                               Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)


Debbie said...

I know his character was a bit of a cad in "Forsaking", but he was so adorable you couldn't dislike him. It's the naughty little boy quality he conveyed so well.

As for "Jordan", not my favorite Bob movie, His performance was great, but I don't think there was any chemistry at all between him and Keyes. And the lack of it is all her.

Kathy said...

Yep, no chemistry at all. Her character is just too weak, overwhelmed in a movie with such a dominant male lead and an excellent supporting cast. Jimmy Gleason, Claude Rains, and Edward Everett Horton ... not much air left in the room for the weak to survive on.

Brent Radbourne said...

Until TCM came along, this was the only movie that was ever shown on TV with Robert Montgomery