Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silky Kilmount Portraits by Willinger

Two of several great portraits of  'Silky Kilmount' taken by Lazlo Willinger for the movie The Earl of Chicago.

Willinger was born in Budapest, Hungary, one of many artists who had found success in Germany, but fled to the United States when Hitler came to power.  He joined MGM in 1937, succeeding photographer Ted Allan.  Never even having heard the word 'glamour' before being introduced to Hollywood studio photography in the 1930s, Willinger adapted his work accordingly while retaining a definite European influence.  A good example of this is his work for Earl.

Just love the wardrobe for Bob in the movie ... pinstripe suit, large shirt cuffs with cufflinks and the large fancy ring on his right hand.  He even removed the signet ring he wore on his left pinkie throughout his life.  Makes his long, narrow hand seem...errr...nude.  ;0)

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