Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sometimes Color is Better

It was one of those moments.  There they were:  two 11x14  lobby cards, on sale and in great shape.  I had to have them.  I think it was primarily the coloring that attracted me to them.  Spending so much time in black and white 'Bob's World,' it is almost a shock to see items in color.  (Sorry about the cropping of the lobby cards, just more than my scanner can handle.) 

Close Harmony is a 1929 musical starring Buddy Rogers and Nancy Carroll, with Jack Oakie and 'Skeets' Gallager providing comic relief.  Unfortunately the movie rights are owned by Universal and, therefore, the movie is not available for purchase.  Darn it.  The review on IMDB is quite positive, sounds like great fun.  With Jack Oakie and Skeets portraying a singing duo, how could it not be.  It's just downright immoral, denying the public the enjoyment of a movie --- especially Letty Lynton!! 

              Buddy Rogers & Nancy Carroll in Close Harmony (1929)



Kristina said...

I rarely get the opportunity to say that I like Buddy Rogers, so thanks for providing it. Also I like Letty Lynton, what a shame that's not more widely available

Kathy said...

Yeah, Buddy doesn't come up in conversations very often. I have one of those copies of Letty that have been copied and copied and copied and copied.... As bad as it is, though, seeing Bob come out of his cabin in that white suit at the beginning...just breathtaking!