Thursday, October 03, 2013

Need Your Help (Part Deux)

               No More Ladies (1935) with Bob, Joan and Franchot

The photo cries out for a clever caption, but my mind is blank.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  (Well, I thought of one or two, but, keeping in mind that this is a "family friendly" blog ...)

Trivia for the Day:  On this day in 1928, "Possession" opened at the Booth Theatre in New York City.  This was Bob's last appearance on Broadway.  By January of 1929, Bob has signed his contract with MGM ... one smart move.


Carrie said...

This is borderline ;0) : "Takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin'"

Kathy said...

Welcome back from vacation. Sorry that means you have to go back to work.