Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Last of Bob's Ladies

Happy Birthday, Audrey Totter!  Congratulations are due Audrey who turns 94 years young today, proving that Bad Girls Rule!   

                                   Lady in the Lake (1947)

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Vienna said...

I am so delighted to find your blog as I am just discovering how good Robert is. I've long been a fan of LADY IN THE LAKE and have watched it many times but it never led me to seek out more of Robert's films.
It was actually THE SAXON CHARM in which he impressed me with his acting, playing a complex character.
There are so many I want to see now. I now have NIGHT MUST FALL and look forward to seeing it. And I hope to get PRIVATE LIVES.
I hadn't realised Bob made a film with Irene Dunne,UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Would like to see that.
I did catch up on THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY but even the cast of Montgomery,Powell and Crawford couldn't save this poorly written film.
I look forward to working my way through your blog.

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