Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hitting the Wrong Button in the Wee Hours

I was working on a blog entry for later this week when I hit the dreaded Publish button instead of Preview, which means a notice was sent to you blog followers (ALL of you) although the blog entry was not ready to be published.  Not wanting to disappoint ... ta da ... a tidbit I ran across a short time ago.

The above photo has always been associated with Haunted Honeymoon.  It never really seemed to fit the movie.  I watched it again when TCM showed it recently and the scene just wasn't there.  A deleted scene, perhaps?  The mystery was finally resolved when I read a fanzine article on Bob who was at that time living in a rented manor while filming Haunted Honeymoon in England.  The following photo and caption accompanied the article.

Ta da!  It's not a still from a movie ... it's REAL Bob.  Elegantly attired, fine china, flowers on the table and a butler, of course ... for breakfast!  The man lived well.  


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