Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanks for the Memories, Mr. Montgomery

Bob passed away on September 27, 1981.  The picture below is the view from the terrace of his last home, Hollow Brook Farm in Canaan Valley, Ct.  In the April, 1992, issue of Architectural Digest, Brendan Gill wrote an article on Bob, which ends with the following tribute: 

"For a conservative Republican from an old family, Montgomery possessed a rather moody restlessness of spirit.  At a certain point as he grew older, nothing would do but that he and Buffy sell the Hook Pond property and move on to new adventures --- in summer, a place on the water in North Haven, Maine, and in winter a beautiful ancient farmhouse in the Canaan Valley, in northwestern Connecticut.  It was there in 1981, a short drive from the big family house overlooking the Hudson at Fishkill, that Montgomery died.  He had played many roles in his long lifetime, off-camera and on-; in age, the slender playboy of Our Blushing Brides had become a no-longer-slender country squire, but the grace of the performer remained what it had always been:  a prompting to merriment, an occasion for applause."

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