Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Friday: RQL Radio

Props to funny radio people, one of which is a new favorite: Robert Q. Lewis. Before his television shows, radio shows, game shows, and movie appearances (shew), Robert Q. was a disc jockey. My favorite tidbit: he played David Rose's song The Stripper (you'd know if if you heard it) for 45 minutes nonstop on his music show. Want to request a song on the show? Not that day - you got The Stripper instead.

A larger, crazier Bob

This late thought just in: Now I know why this stunt resonates with me. A local morning radio show did the same with Roxanne (and Johnny Cash, but I enjoyed that) - over and over and over....


Anonymous said...

According to my calculations (that sounds kind of evil!), Robert Montgomery should be on What's My Line in mid-October.

Carrie said...

Very cool - thanks for the tip!!