Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming Soon to What's My Line

Hot tip from the comments portion of the blog: Robert Montgomery should be showing up on What's My Line on GSN in October sometime:

Episode #345, first aired: January 13, 1957

Game 1: Muriel Fleit, Mary Barber & Myrtle Berne (as Mystery Guests and the panel is blindfolded) - "Secretaries to Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf & Dorothy Kilgallen)" (salaried; they won $50)

Game 2: Robin Roberts - "President of Frozen Shrimp Company" (he is the President of the Gold King Frozen Shrimp Co; he is also the pitcher of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team; from Philadelphia, PA; he won $50)

Game 3: Robert Montgomery (as Mystery Guest) Bennett Cerf guessed his identity at $25

If you're really good at figuring out the current episode playing vs. the order 345 is in, you can figure out the air date on GSN. I'm not that talented...

A kind thank you to the tipster!

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