Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Henry Montgomery, Sr.

Bob's father, Henry Montgomery, Sr., was able to financially provide well for his family as a president at New York Rubber Company (I've seen both president and vice president noted - not sure if a promotion occurred at one point). In June of 1922, that success came to a halt when Henry Sr. committed suicide by jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I can't say I've read about suicide in any writing on the Montgomery family. Unless the below New York Times article came about as factually incorrect at a later date, the suicide fact was pretty well covered up during Bob's life. The article is from The New York Times, June 26, 1922.

A bit more info to follow in part two.

Many thanks to Tracy for digging this and many other articles up, which will be showing up on the blog in the near future!


Laura said...

Fascinating and sad. I appreciate you sharing this interesting biographical background. I'll be checking in for more when I return from the Sierras in a few days.

No time for movie viewing recently but I'm looking forward to LETTY LYNTON when I return, as well as TROUBLE FOR TWO which I taped last night. Saw the last scene -- looks fun!

Best wishes and stay cool,

Carrie said...

T for 2 is a weird one - I'll be interested in what you think!