Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Source for Letty Lynton on DVD

So you've seen Letty Lynton for sale on ebay. . .wondering if the overpriced copy of a copy of a copy on VHS is any good. Well, I can help a little. Copies of Letty Lynton on DVD can be purchased from Free Classic Movies on DVD (which is actually $9.25 for the DVD & shipping). Sure, it isn't exactly Blu Ray or even true DVD quality, but it's good enough to watch this über rare movie.

Overall, I'm willing to bet this copy of Letty is the same one floating around out there, but I can at least vouch for this resource. I purchased the DVD online & got it in the mail a few days later in an actual jewel case & padded envelope (gasp!).

Like I mentioned before, the audio is pretty good - it has a somewhat of a "barrel" sound to it, but it's perfectly understandable. The video is a bit muddy, but watchable. I found watching the film on my PC in a shrunken window to be the best viewing, but it'll work on your home TV as well.

Looking for some sharper photos from the film in general? I have some posted over on the companion Classic Montgomery Web site.

I can still hear the theme music

Nils Asther does a great job of playing a total slime

Seven Eighty Seven

The meat market...

...It goes both ways - I didn't catch the door into Letty's room quick enough

A final drink

h/t: Katie: Madge Evans Blog, Obscure Classics

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