Monday, April 14, 2008

Fangirl Field Trip Report

If you ever want a look at a microslice of American culture, I highly recommend visiting a movie collectibles show. Sunday was another episode of our local, semiannual, bowling-alley-hosted event.

Half the fun is watching the people. Some observances:
  • Yes, there are young people who have interests in classic stars. Case in point, a teen flipping through the Jean Harlow & Clark Gable files.
  • Half of the show will always be dedicated to horror.
  • Middle aged women purchasing piles of horribly reproduced photos of their favorite stars, squealing like little girls when they find Ken Wahl (ha, like I should talk - I'm just not middle aged yet).
  • Two words: bootleg DVD.
  • Just how are they able to sell newly issued books for half price?
  • Flipping through a binder, having a photo of say Gary Cooper directly across from a photo of a nude porn star - a common occurrence.
  • Stuff is cheaper than ebay.
  • "Do you have a minute" I heard behind my back. Turning around, there was a college-aged woman, holding a big honking microphone in hand, with the a tape recorder slung across her shoulder. In fear of being immortalized on someone's blog (gasp), or edited into a weird YouTube documentary on movie nerds, I politely declined.
And of course, I did find more material for the blog...


Anonymous said...

Gary Cooper and a porn star? There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere, lol - how awesome! I should go to one of those kinds of shows - problem is, I don't know where they usually hold 'em around here :/

Carrie said...

The search engines are going to love this post . . . whoever searches for 'Gary Cooper porn' is gonna find the site - ROFL!