Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sincerely, Your Favorite Star

I just love fan cards.  I can only imagine the thrill it was for a young fan in the 1920s - 1940s to finally receive that photo for which they had been waiting forever!  They were all so nicely done, definitely worth the wait.  And even "signed" by the star!  Wow. 

Hopalong Cassidy was a favorite of mine, always seemed like such a nice man.  Growing up and discovering William Boyd, I was not disappointed, having read only good things about the gentleman.  A handsome gent he was.  Love the hat!

Joan Blondell was always a favorite.  The ultimate wisecracking blonde who quite often did not get the handsome lead, but one always wondered why.  Loved her in Desk Set (1957), it's great to watch an old pro strut her stuff.  And she continued to do it for two more decades! 

Have not always been a big Lew Ayres fan, but he was such a gorgeous young man.  I like the oh-so-very serious look he has assumed in this photo, an unusual 8"x10" fan card, as gorgeous as its subject!  One very lucky fan. 

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