Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jonesey & Kit Spend a Day at the Beach

Ah ... it's such a romantic scene from Shipmates (1931).  Seaman John Paul Jones alias Jonesey alias Bob Montgomery gazes lovingly at Kit, the Admiral's daughter, played by Dorothy Jordan.  Such a handsome couple, everything is just perfect.

Then there is another take.  Jonesey and Kit are still on the beach.  In real time, this is February and most likely a tad chilly on the beach.  Can't really see the two, you say ... lets enlarge them a bit.

Voila!  One cold, wind-blown duo, not in a very romantic mood.  A bit more realism than the director had hoped for, or at least more than Bob and Dorothy could overcome.  Yeah, lets go with the first shot.  Now, the two just need to figure out how to get off the ledge with only their hairdos as the casualties for the day.

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