Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Churchill, Hemingway and ... Bob?

This is a photo taken out of a magazine (the June 4th, 1949 issue of Collier's Magazine).  The original photo is by Karsh, the portrait photographer of the 20th Century, famous for great photos of Churchill, Hemingway, Einstein and so many other notable people.  Of course Robert Montgomery had to have his portrait done by Karsh. 

One can only imagine how striking the original photo must be.  The black background, the light playing on his face and fingers.  And Bob is holding his glasses, definitely a Bob signature.  Great touch.  Bob was evidently rather nearsighted, spent a lot of time whipping his glasses off whenever a camera was aimed his way. 

So, it is Bob in the harsh light of a Karsh photo, without the makeup, no covering up of the wrinkled forehead, the crow's feet.   Still, one imposing and handsome middle-aged gent. 

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