Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Man And His Toys ...

"Scott News" was an in-house publication of Scott Radio Laboratories which produced hand-made luxury radios from the 1920s to the 1940s.   Of course Bob would want a special order for his new Beverly Hills home in 1938. 

Bob designed a radio/record-player that would fit in with the Colonial style furnishings of his new home.  I'm guessing  a combination radio and record-player was rather a new concept at the time.  I like all the drawer fronts, wonder if they are really drawers or if it is just a fake front.  They would be handy for storing the records.

The following two pictures are of the room in which Bob has his new toy.  The furniture arrangement seems strange to me.  With both a piano and radio/record-player, it appears set up for parties.  The furnishing is simple, everything in it could be easily moved, including the rug.  Having a room for large parties, a requisite for the Montgomery social circle.

I do not think the balding gent came with the room ...  Check out the fireplace "snug" in the photo below.  Just room enough for a wing back chair.  Looks like a great place for a snooze on a cold winter's night.  Wonder how much use he got out of it in Los Angeles.  Of course, it might have been Betty's quiet place in the house.  Hey, what with two kids, a nanny, cook, chaufeur/valet, plenty of day help and visiting grandmothers, even mansions can seem crowded! 

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