Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sure to be a Hit on YouTube

I wish I knew how to make a YouTube segment so I could upload that magnificent knockdown fight between Bob and Norma Shearer from Private Lives. It's got to be the best husband and wife slugfest ever filmed. The way Norma wallops Bob you’d never know he was one of her favorite leading man--requesting him whenever she had the power to choose because “she felt so comfortable with him” and because he made her laugh, which she said she needed to do. They definitely had marvelous chemistry. Unfortunately the failure of “Riptide” and critics' comments that they “had had enough of Shearer and Montgomery’s cocktail-shaking coynesses” doomed the screen partnership and their fifth film ended up being their last together. Mabye it was for the best--I can't see Bob in period costume performing Shakespeare or playing Count Axel de Fersen...

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